Battletech - The Ronin War

Lead up to Invasion

A month passes in a flurry of activity. All remaining mechanical issues with the 1st Fenrir hardware and dropships are corrected. Kapten Magnusson and his lance leaders drive the Einherjar Company mechwarriors hard to get them functioning as a respectable unit. While the time is too short to make any significant improvements in anyone’s basic skills, the time is nonetheless well spent getting a handle on the warriors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Löjtnant Eriksson endlessly drills his lance in every aspect of mech combat. Though somewhat green, Kavellrists Salazar, Mortiere, and Meyer all display great professionalism in the cockpit.

Löjtnant Tirpitz scatters her lance into the wilderness to play a game of sensor tag; see without being seen. The uncouth Kavellrist Powers proves to be the most adept at this.

The mischievous members of the company (Pope, Powers, and Barlowe) do their level best to crack the icy demeanors of their more stoic lancemates with limited success.

After a month of preparations, the 1st Fenrir load up all of their personnel and equipment onto the dropships Arvakr and Beardsley’s Boy and burn for Rasalhague’s nadir jumppoint. There they rendezvous with a fully charged merchant class jumpship and transit to the Vipaava system. After a week of recharging, the 1st Rasalhague Fenrir jump to their destination, the Jezersko system. They are now six days away from being dirtside.

Your dropships detach and begin accelerating toward the system’s one inhabited planet. Rasalhague resistance members who have been brought along attempt to contact their comrades on the ground. Tech crews begin fitting Einherjar Company with drop pods.


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