Battletech - The Ronin War

Making contact with the resistance

Several encoded, long range transmissions are directed to Jezersko to try and contact resistance cells. After twelve hours of regular attempts, a response is received. The freedom fighters aboard are able to acquire much needed intelligence on the activity of the DCMS garrison.
The garrison commander, one Sho-Sho Ishijima Akihiro has instituted martial law and assumed total control of the planet. Local law enforcement he considered trustworthy (read orientals) were pressed into service and all others disbanded. A strict curfew has been instituted in all major population centers.

The violence of the military takeover shocked the resistance into lying low for the time being but many are anxious to strike back and are willing to assist your forces in whatever way they can. They are, however, very poorly equipped.

They are able to provide you with a more detailed map of the planet and some vague information on the location of military forces. [I’ll add this map to the campaign as well]


Eveklada is mostly populated by people of Scandinavian descent, many of whom are angry over their aborted liberation. They have carefully counted twelve battlemechs and around 150 infantry stationed here.

Mechs, infantry, and armored vehicles have been spotted in Port Nomoru and Oka Crossing but their numbers are unknown.

There are no reports of battlemechs at Hanto Crossing but infantry and armored vehicles are present.

There are definitely aerospace fighters stationed at the garrison base. They’ve been spotted making regular flights. Their numbers and classification are unknown.

The resistance cell you’ve contacted promises to obtain detailed intelligence and contact you again in 24 hours. That time arrives but no further communications are received.

You are now approximately 96 hours away from planet fall.


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