Battletech - The Ronin War


Jezersko Airspace
2 June 3034

The dropships Arvakr and Beardsley’s Boy rapidly descend toward Jezersko atop long tails of fusion fire. Their engines cut off just before striking the upper atmosphere and the Arvakr ejects the dozen drop pods containing Einherjar Company while launching Huginn Squadron to provide cover. The twenty objects time their descent to streak west in front of the rising sun. They eventually are spotted by patrolling DCMS aerospace fighters and make no response when commanded to identify themselves and abort their landing. Minutes later, three flights of Slayer SL-15s approach on a high-speed intercept course. The two forces converge and the first shots in the struggle for Jezersko are traded.

The slayers form up to make high velocity attack pass on the Arvakr, apparently attempting to disable its engines before it can land. Corsairs and sholagar of Huginn squadron rake the DCMS fighters with laser fire but fail to break up the Combine formation. The dropship shakes violently under fire from the enemy fighters, sustaining significant damage to armor and one of it’s main thrusters. The overlord class dropship, however, gives as good as it gets; striking down two slayers in a hail of PPC and laser fire. One of the pilots ejects from his doomed craft as it tumbles out of control. The remaining four have all suffered at least some damage and withdraw. The two dropships carrying the 1st Fenrir land in the hills northwest of Eveklada. Due to the damage it sustained, the Arvakr’s landing is rough, further battering the ship, its crew, and its passengers.

Meanwhile, Einherjar Company makes its landing south of Eveklada as planned. No damage or injuries are reported.


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