Battletech - The Ronin War

The Briefing

Reykjavik , State of Islandia
Rasalhague, Rasalhague Province, Free Rasalhague Republic
17 April 3034

All of the officers in the new 1st Rasalhague Fenrir irregular unit have gathered for a briefing on the situation on Jezersko and the plan to liberate it.

ÖL Helvig’s executive officer, Löjtnant Becher speaks:

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As most of you will know, the Beardsley’s Boy arrived here from Jezersko two days ago. We’ve now been fully briefed on the situation there as of April 4th. On March 12th, the garrison commander on Jezersko recieved official orders to pack up his unit and withdraw deeper into Combine space. He refused for reasons we can only speculate on but we’ll get to that in a moment.

On March 25th, a jumpship arrived in the Jezersko system and briefly communicated with the planetary garrison force, the 11th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. We believe the jumpship was one of several that left this system carrying orders from Marcus Kurita to various DCMS forces on what are now FRR worlds. Less than an hour later, two mech battalions entered Port Nomoru and violently secured the spaceport, the hyperpulse generator compound, and cleared the streets of celebrating citizens. The Beardsley’s Boy lifted off and escaped with just minutes to spare.

We’re taking another month to drill and prepare and then we will board the Arvakr and Beardsley’s Boy and move to liberate Jezersko.

Our best intelligence says that the 11th Sun Zhang is currently an under strength regiment, only able to field two full strength battlemech battalions. There is the possibility of aerospace assets as well.

She pauses a moment as a map of the habitable hemisphere of Jezersko is projected.


Since the Beardsley’s Boy is just a cargo hauler, fully half of our aerospace assets and all of our support vehicles will be making the trip as cargo. Our number one priority is to secure a base of operations and construct an airstrip. We’ve chosen an area in the foothills southeast of Eveklada. We will commandeer heavy earth moving equipment from the local mining camps to complete the construction we need.

The Arvakr will drop Einherjar Company before both dropships proceed the the landing zone. Huginn Squadron will provide cover for the dropships.

We believe there are many resistance cells active on Jezersko. We hope to gain further intelligence from them regarding garrison assets and disposition on the inbound trip from the jump point.

Are there any questions?


Out of Character
I’m putting the ball in your court for a bit now. If you have questions for Helvig or Becher, you can ask them here.

Also. If you have anything special you want to do with the time before you arrive on Jezersko, let me know. You might, for example, stage mock combats with your company. In which case, I’ll write up a couple paragraphs on how it goes and reveal a few specifics about your lancemates. They are fully built up characters but their stats are hidden at the moment.

The Briefing

Maam, is there any more detailed information on the disposition of the 11th Sun Zhang? Number of mechs, personel, more specific data on fixed or defensive positions? Support train?

Are we sending any forward scout elements? Do we have any resources on planet now?

Out of character:
I would like to see to the maintenance needs of my lance. I want to ensure that our mechs are as ready as possible. I want out techs to make sure we have all neccessary parts, armor, replacement weapon systems, and ammunition possible.

I would also like to practice lance tactics, formations, and communications to bring the lance together as a team. After that, I would like to focus on gunnery and piloting. Again, my priorities are 1. lance tactics, 2. gunnery, and 3. piloting.
The Briefing

Becher: Not at this time, nothing beyond that two battalion figure. Although the crew of the Beardsley’s Boy have been to the planet many times, none of them are locals. The information we do have comes from contacts in Lyran Intelligence.

The garrison base is about five kilometers west of Port Nomoru as has been expanded in recent years, we think to accommodate the 11th. It is unlikely to be fortified in any significant way.

The terrain of Jezersko will make supply operations problematic. There are some logging roads heading up into the hills west and northwest of Port Nomoru and the freight rail lines that connect the three main population centers. Other than that, we’re looking at pine forests in the coastal areas, farmland on the peninsula, and hilly scrubland everywhere else.

No advanced elements can be sent without delaying the rest of the unit due to a lack of available dropships. Ideally, we will be able to make contact with people on the ground during the six day burn from the jump point.

ÖL Helvig walks to stand next to Löjtnant Becher.

Helvig: These Sun Zhang Cadre warriors are the worst sort of snakes. They are fanatics and will come right for our throats, I guarantee it. But I think that works to our advantage. They should be especially prone to ambush tactics so reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance will be key in this fight. You’ll all have noticed that we will be outnumbered so don’t hesitate to pull out of a firefight where the odds are not in your favor.

I’ll handle all of the prep activity at once when everyone has had a chance to chime in. Is a Friday night deadline for that too early? I’ll put that on the campaign calendar for the moment.

The Briefing


What else specifically are you looking for? Yes, Friday works, but I will probably not get home until around 7:30pm.

The Briefing


Tha lance tactics I want to work on are: Basic movement formations, movement to contact, fighting withdrawl, ambush, and breaking an ambush.

Also, lance concentration fire on one mech.

I will spend a bit of time getting to know each of my lancemates, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

The Briefing
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