Battletech - The Ronin War

The Primer

Reykjavik , State of Islandia
Rasalhague, Rasalhague Province, Free Rasalhague Republic
14 April 3034

Several hundred people have gathered in the auditorium in response to the new Prince Haakon Magnusson’s call for volunteers to help defend his new nation. A month ago, just hours after the Prince’s proclamation of independence, fighting exploded here on the FRR capital world. The DCMS 8th Rasalhague Regulars and the 12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre attacked elements of the FRR 1st Tyr Regiment. The battle was brief but bloody, ending when most of the DCMS forces boarded waiting dropships at the spaceport and escaped. One dropship had an apparent mechanical failure and the DCMS forces it was to transport scattered into the surrounding countryside. The 1st Tyr Regiment has been trying to hunt them down while defending the city since then.

Two straight backed figures in military fatigues of the new KungsArmé walk across the stage, one of them stopping behind the podium. The older looking man speaks.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, take a seat and we can get this thing started. My name is Överste-Löjtnant Klas Helvig and next to me is my second, Löjnant Becher. Most of you will know about the fighting here on Rasalhague a month ago. We now know that this was not an isolated incident. On that same day DCMS forces on Memmingen declared martial law and attempted, but failed, to seize the HPG compound from Comstar. We’ve also lost contact with the planets Engadin, Trondheim, and Jezersko. The assumption is that the HPGs on those worlds have been taken.

Three days ago a jumpship arrived in-system carrying a dropship from Jezersko. The ship is still inbound but the captain has transmitted details of the situation on Jerzersko as of his departure. I’m afraid it isn’t good. Apparently people there got pretty rowdy for a couple weeks after the snakes decided to cut us loose. Then, for reasons we don’t yet understand, the local garrison commander deployed his unit into the capital city to quell the “revolt”. The HPG compound there was attacked and captured as well. Word is they were not too careful with either and civilian casualties have been high.

I mean to cobble together a unit of whatever I can muster and give those bastards some payback.


ultrasmurf ultrasmurf

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