Löjtnant Johan Eriksson

Rasalhague Ex-pat turned Mercenary


Born: 11/3/3013
Graduate of the Wolf’s Dragoons Mechwarrior Academy, Class of 3033 (MechWarrior and Officer programs)

Battlemech: Marauder MAD-3D (Johan’s property)

Attributes Score Link
STR 4 +0
BOD 5 +0
RFL 6 +0
DEX 6 +0
INT 4 +0
WIL 4 +0
CHA 4 +0
EDG 3 -1

Movement (Meters per Turn)
Walk: 9
Run: 20
Sprint: 40

Rank 4
In For Life -3
Compulsion: Hatred of the Draconis Combine -1
Enemy -2 DC Officer from the invasion of Crossing
Vehicle 8 Marauder MAD-3D
Natural Aptitude/Land Tactics 5

Skills Links TN/C Level

Administration INT+WIL 8/SA 0
Art/Painting DEX 8/CB +0
Career/Soldier INT 7/SB +3
Computers INT 8/CB +1
Gunnery/Mech RFL
DEX 8/SA 4
Interest/Battlemechs INT 8/CB +1
Interest/FedSuns History INT 8/CB +1
Interest/Rasalhague History INT 8/CB +0
Interest/Military History INT 8/CB +2
Language/Swedish INT
CHA 8/SA 1
Language/English INT
CHA 8/SA 1
Leadership WIL
CHA 8/SA 1
Martial Arts RFL 7/SB +3
Medtech INT 7/SB +2
Melee Weapons DEX 7/SB +1
Navigation/Ground INT 7/SB +1
Perception INT 7/SB +2
Piloting/Mech RFL
DEX 8/SA 3
Protocol/FedSuns CHA
WIL 9/CA 3
Protocol/Rasalhague CHA
WIL 9/CA 1
Running RFL 7/SB +1
Sensor Operations INT
WIL 8/SA 2
Small Arms DEX 7/SB +3
Streetwise/FedSuns CHA 8/CB +2
Swimming STR 7/SB +1
Tactics/Land INT
WIL 9/CA 2
Technician/weapons INT
DEX 9/CA 2
Training INT
CHA 9/CA +1


Johan was from a Scandinavian family that fled a Principality of Rasalhague world after it fell to the Draconis Combine. The family settled on Crossing, a Federated Suns planet near the Combine border.

Hanse Davion had to strip that border bare to free up enough regiments to win so much territory from the Capellan Confederation. He hired the famed Wolf’s Dragoons to defend that area of the border. The Dragoons faced a tough fight but finally, against long odds, turned back the Combine forces on Crossing. Johan was one of many “war kid” volunteers who helped defend their home through sabotage and scouting. Johan displayed an almost uncanny sense for innovative tactics and of battlefield awareness.

Johan’s bravery and resourcefulness greatly impressed one Dragoon officer and opened doors for him at a Wolf’s Dragoons military academy. Johan was allowed to take his Battlemech and head back to Rasalhague space after serving with the Dragoons for about a year. He still feels a strong connection with his friends and contacts in the Dragoons. In fact, Johan’s Neurohelmet and jacket bear the symbol of Wolf’s Dragoons.

Löjtnant Johan Eriksson

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