Överste-Löjtnant Klas Helvig

A veteran mechwarrior and commander


Överste-Löjtnant Klas Helvig is a veteran mechwarrior and officer in his mid sixties. He has long, white hair combed tightly back from a high widow’s peak and a neatly trimmed white beard. Though he keeps his appearance immaculate, the scent of pipe smoke always lingers. He pilots a Wolverine WVR-6K that he spent nearly all of his wealth returning to working condition.


Klas served nearly forty years in the DCMS, most of which in the 25th Rasalhague Regulars BattleMech Regiment as an officer. A well liked and effective commander with an exemplary career, he had to keep his deeply held Rasalhague Nationalism concealed from the DCMS physiological and loyalty examinations. Klas resigned his commission and retired at the close of the 4th Succession War in 3030. Rumors had been spreading about the possibility of Rasalhague independence and he, being proud of his Scandinavian heritage, thought to secure a command in the new military. Unfortunately, officers in the newly formed BattleMech regiments were mostly drawn from the ranks of resistance cell leaders. Not deterred, he sees the outbreak of hostilities in March of 3034 as a chance to prove his abilities and defend his new nation.

Överste-Löjtnant Klas Helvig

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