Sho-Sho Ishijima Akihiro

A self-styled 31st century samurai


Sho-Sho Ishijima Akihiro is a rather short but wiry man with oriental features. When not wearing a cooling vest and neurohelmet, he always dresses in clothing with some kind of ancient Japanese flair. Ishijima comes from a very minor and near destitute noble family. He is deeply invested in Bushido culture and fancies himself the perfect 31st century samurai. He takes perceived slights to his honor very poorly. Ishijima always has his daisho near at hand.


Ishijima served in the 11th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre during the 4th Succession war in the Rasalhague District. The regiment was badly mauled in engagements with LCAF forces and was stationed on Jezersko at the end of the war for rebuilding with Ishijima as it’s new commander. The crushing losses in the war forced the DCMS to adopt new strategies with regard to recruiting and training. Traditionalists like Ishijima saw this as a dishonorable departure from tradition. He was further angered because he believed the 11th Sun Zhang was given low priority for equipment and support because of his traditional leanings.

When Martin Kurita’s call to arms arrived via jumpship in late March 3034, Ishijima quickly moved to stamp out any opposition to Combine rule on Jezersko. Forces under his command brutally dispersed crowds in Port Nomoru and instituted martial law. Both the spaceport and HPG compound were secured with the latter taking severe damage in the process.

Sho-Sho Ishijima Akihiro

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