Battletech - The Ronin War

Battle at Eveklada


The mechwarriors of Einherjar Company take up their assigned positions and ready their weapons. Seconds later you hear the piercing shriek of approaching aerospace fighters. They attack in pairs, one on Jotun Lance on the right flank and the second on the half of Aesir Lance hidden in a small clump of trees in the center.

All four Slayers release their cluster bomb payloads just as your pilots lash out with their own weapons. Barlowe and Mortiere get the worst of it but everyone in the target zone save Olsson suffer some damage from the rippling explosions. Two of the fighters are struck by return fire; one critically. It corkscrews out of control and crashes. The rest disappear over the hills to the south.

In the wake of the airstrike, the DCMS battlemechs advance at top speed. Von Tripitz’s Vanir lance is badly outnumbered and she orders them to fall back. They nimbly evade the scattered fire of their pursuers while drawing them into the teeth of the rest of your company. The two missing Combine machines enter sensor range; a Dragon and an Atlas.

The eight enemy light and medium mechs rushing down the hill spring your trap and are ravaged by crack shooting. Zia’s PPC shot ignites the ammo magazine of a Wasp and it is shredded by internal explosions as its pilot ejects. Barlowe’s LRM volley claims a Locust in similar fashion.

The Combine heavies now enter the fray and the fighting intensifies. An enemy Archer stumbles and falls under concentrated fire from Olsson, Barlowe, Dementyev, and Mortiere. Eriksson and Powers heavily damage an enemy Crab and Wasp respectively. Magnussen’s Banshee and a Combine Warhammer with commander’s insignia trade PPC and autocannon fire.

With the DCMS advance beginning to falter, Kapten Magnussen orders the company to break cover and charge. The words are barely out of his mouth when Kavelrist Mortiere’s Battlemaster surges out of its meager tree cover. The enemy Warhammer steps forward to battle with her but is met with heavy fire from several directions. Lars’s fire strikes it in the head and right leg, which crumples. It falls and does not move again. This drives the rest of the cadre warriors into a frenzy.

The hostiles in the center and right flank (the Dragon, Atlas, and heavily damaged Archer) direct their fire on Lar’s Banshee in retaliation. One shot pierces his torso armor and damages his gyro but he stubbornly keeps the mech upright. The DCMS Panthers, Crabs, and remaining Wasp charge the left flank, firing on Eriksson’s Marauder and Meyer’s Centurion. Vanir lance moves to support them.

Zia’s Battlemaster closes into short range with the drak Atlas and both mechs shudder under each other’s assault. Barlowe supports her attack with LRM fire while Magnusson, Dementyev and Olsson finish off the Archer and cripple the Dragon’s left leg, sending it to the ground. The left flank becomes a wild melee as the Combine Crabs and Panthers swarm Eriksson’s Marauder. Vanir lance works in their original pairs to efficiently dispatch the battered DCMS battlemechs.

Mortiere drives her mech’s fist through the weakened armor on the Atlas’s left torso and into the LRM magazine stored there. The following series of explosions reduces the DCMS assault mech to scattered debris.

The fallen Dragon struggles to rise while Einherjar Company converges on the last of their mobile opponents. All save one Panther are brutally cut down. Its pilot attempts to turn and flee but is swiftly caught and toppled by laser fire from Vanir lance.

The battle is over. Several potentially salvageable battlemechs litter the ground and the surviving pilots are captured. At Magnusson’s direction, they pull their unconscious commander from his fallen Warhammer.

The status of Einherjar Company is as follows:



Jezersko Airspace
2 June 3034

The dropships Arvakr and Beardsley’s Boy rapidly descend toward Jezersko atop long tails of fusion fire. Their engines cut off just before striking the upper atmosphere and the Arvakr ejects the dozen drop pods containing Einherjar Company while launching Huginn Squadron to provide cover. The twenty objects time their descent to streak west in front of the rising sun. They eventually are spotted by patrolling DCMS aerospace fighters and make no response when commanded to identify themselves and abort their landing. Minutes later, three flights of Slayer SL-15s approach on a high-speed intercept course. The two forces converge and the first shots in the struggle for Jezersko are traded.

The slayers form up to make high velocity attack pass on the Arvakr, apparently attempting to disable its engines before it can land. Corsairs and sholagar of Huginn squadron rake the DCMS fighters with laser fire but fail to break up the Combine formation. The dropship shakes violently under fire from the enemy fighters, sustaining significant damage to armor and one of it’s main thrusters. The overlord class dropship, however, gives as good as it gets; striking down two slayers in a hail of PPC and laser fire. One of the pilots ejects from his doomed craft as it tumbles out of control. The remaining four have all suffered at least some damage and withdraw. The two dropships carrying the 1st Fenrir land in the hills northwest of Eveklada. Due to the damage it sustained, the Arvakr’s landing is rough, further battering the ship, its crew, and its passengers.

Meanwhile, Einherjar Company makes its landing south of Eveklada as planned. No damage or injuries are reported.

Making contact with the resistance

Several encoded, long range transmissions are directed to Jezersko to try and contact resistance cells. After twelve hours of regular attempts, a response is received. The freedom fighters aboard are able to acquire much needed intelligence on the activity of the DCMS garrison.
The garrison commander, one Sho-Sho Ishijima Akihiro has instituted martial law and assumed total control of the planet. Local law enforcement he considered trustworthy (read orientals) were pressed into service and all others disbanded. A strict curfew has been instituted in all major population centers.

The violence of the military takeover shocked the resistance into lying low for the time being but many are anxious to strike back and are willing to assist your forces in whatever way they can. They are, however, very poorly equipped.

They are able to provide you with a more detailed map of the planet and some vague information on the location of military forces. [I’ll add this map to the campaign as well]


Eveklada is mostly populated by people of Scandinavian descent, many of whom are angry over their aborted liberation. They have carefully counted twelve battlemechs and around 150 infantry stationed here.

Mechs, infantry, and armored vehicles have been spotted in Port Nomoru and Oka Crossing but their numbers are unknown.

There are no reports of battlemechs at Hanto Crossing but infantry and armored vehicles are present.

There are definitely aerospace fighters stationed at the garrison base. They’ve been spotted making regular flights. Their numbers and classification are unknown.

The resistance cell you’ve contacted promises to obtain detailed intelligence and contact you again in 24 hours. That time arrives but no further communications are received.

You are now approximately 96 hours away from planet fall.

Lead up to Invasion

A month passes in a flurry of activity. All remaining mechanical issues with the 1st Fenrir hardware and dropships are corrected. Kapten Magnusson and his lance leaders drive the Einherjar Company mechwarriors hard to get them functioning as a respectable unit. While the time is too short to make any significant improvements in anyone’s basic skills, the time is nonetheless well spent getting a handle on the warriors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Löjtnant Eriksson endlessly drills his lance in every aspect of mech combat. Though somewhat green, Kavellrists Salazar, Mortiere, and Meyer all display great professionalism in the cockpit.

Löjtnant Tirpitz scatters her lance into the wilderness to play a game of sensor tag; see without being seen. The uncouth Kavellrist Powers proves to be the most adept at this.

The mischievous members of the company (Pope, Powers, and Barlowe) do their level best to crack the icy demeanors of their more stoic lancemates with limited success.

After a month of preparations, the 1st Fenrir load up all of their personnel and equipment onto the dropships Arvakr and Beardsley’s Boy and burn for Rasalhague’s nadir jumppoint. There they rendezvous with a fully charged merchant class jumpship and transit to the Vipaava system. After a week of recharging, the 1st Rasalhague Fenrir jump to their destination, the Jezersko system. They are now six days away from being dirtside.

Your dropships detach and begin accelerating toward the system’s one inhabited planet. Rasalhague resistance members who have been brought along attempt to contact their comrades on the ground. Tech crews begin fitting Einherjar Company with drop pods.

The Briefing

Reykjavik , State of Islandia
Rasalhague, Rasalhague Province, Free Rasalhague Republic
17 April 3034

All of the officers in the new 1st Rasalhague Fenrir irregular unit have gathered for a briefing on the situation on Jezersko and the plan to liberate it.

ÖL Helvig’s executive officer, Löjtnant Becher speaks:

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. As most of you will know, the Beardsley’s Boy arrived here from Jezersko two days ago. We’ve now been fully briefed on the situation there as of April 4th. On March 12th, the garrison commander on Jezersko recieved official orders to pack up his unit and withdraw deeper into Combine space. He refused for reasons we can only speculate on but we’ll get to that in a moment.

On March 25th, a jumpship arrived in the Jezersko system and briefly communicated with the planetary garrison force, the 11th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre. We believe the jumpship was one of several that left this system carrying orders from Marcus Kurita to various DCMS forces on what are now FRR worlds. Less than an hour later, two mech battalions entered Port Nomoru and violently secured the spaceport, the hyperpulse generator compound, and cleared the streets of celebrating citizens. The Beardsley’s Boy lifted off and escaped with just minutes to spare.

We’re taking another month to drill and prepare and then we will board the Arvakr and Beardsley’s Boy and move to liberate Jezersko.

Our best intelligence says that the 11th Sun Zhang is currently an under strength regiment, only able to field two full strength battlemech battalions. There is the possibility of aerospace assets as well.

She pauses a moment as a map of the habitable hemisphere of Jezersko is projected.


Since the Beardsley’s Boy is just a cargo hauler, fully half of our aerospace assets and all of our support vehicles will be making the trip as cargo. Our number one priority is to secure a base of operations and construct an airstrip. We’ve chosen an area in the foothills southeast of Eveklada. We will commandeer heavy earth moving equipment from the local mining camps to complete the construction we need.

The Arvakr will drop Einherjar Company before both dropships proceed the the landing zone. Huginn Squadron will provide cover for the dropships.

We believe there are many resistance cells active on Jezersko. We hope to gain further intelligence from them regarding garrison assets and disposition on the inbound trip from the jump point.

Are there any questions?

The Primer

Reykjavik , State of Islandia
Rasalhague, Rasalhague Province, Free Rasalhague Republic
14 April 3034

Several hundred people have gathered in the auditorium in response to the new Prince Haakon Magnusson’s call for volunteers to help defend his new nation. A month ago, just hours after the Prince’s proclamation of independence, fighting exploded here on the FRR capital world. The DCMS 8th Rasalhague Regulars and the 12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre attacked elements of the FRR 1st Tyr Regiment. The battle was brief but bloody, ending when most of the DCMS forces boarded waiting dropships at the spaceport and escaped. One dropship had an apparent mechanical failure and the DCMS forces it was to transport scattered into the surrounding countryside. The 1st Tyr Regiment has been trying to hunt them down while defending the city since then.

Two straight backed figures in military fatigues of the new KungsArmé walk across the stage, one of them stopping behind the podium. The older looking man speaks.

Alright ladies and gentlemen, take a seat and we can get this thing started. My name is Överste-Löjtnant Klas Helvig and next to me is my second, Löjnant Becher. Most of you will know about the fighting here on Rasalhague a month ago. We now know that this was not an isolated incident. On that same day DCMS forces on Memmingen declared martial law and attempted, but failed, to seize the HPG compound from Comstar. We’ve also lost contact with the planets Engadin, Trondheim, and Jezersko. The assumption is that the HPGs on those worlds have been taken.

Three days ago a jumpship arrived in-system carrying a dropship from Jezersko. The ship is still inbound but the captain has transmitted details of the situation on Jerzersko as of his departure. I’m afraid it isn’t good. Apparently people there got pretty rowdy for a couple weeks after the snakes decided to cut us loose. Then, for reasons we don’t yet understand, the local garrison commander deployed his unit into the capital city to quell the “revolt”. The HPG compound there was attacked and captured as well. Word is they were not too careful with either and civilian casualties have been high.

I mean to cobble together a unit of whatever I can muster and give those bastards some payback.


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