1st Rasalhague Fenrir


When fighting broke out between DCMS forces that had been ordered to withdraw from the new Free Rasalhague Republic and the newborn KungsArmé, a call went out for volunteers to help defend the new nation. The 1st Fenrir is the largest of a handful of irregular units cobbled together from whatever personnel and equipment their commanders could beg, borrow, or steal.

Formed on Rasalhague in late March and early April of 3034, the 1st Fenrir is commanded by Överste-Löjtnant Klas Helvig.

Order of Battle

BattleMech Battalion
Geri Company Överste-Löjtnant Helvig Commander
Einherjar Company Kapten Magnusson
Freki Company Kapten Wallbridge
Infantry Battalion Major Hurt Commander
3 Rifle Companies
Aerospace Fighter Wing
Huginn Squadron Major Wiley Commander
Munin Squadron Löjtnant Korvetta
Combat Vehicles
Ratatosk Company Löjtnant Becher Commander

1st Rasalhague Fenrir

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