System Position 4th
Jump point distance 6 days
Moons none
Surface gravity 0.94 Terran
Atmospheric pressure Standard
Equatorial temperature 15°C (Arid)
Surface water 18%
Highest native life Mammal
Capital Port Nomoru
Population 58,840,000
Major Cities Port Nomoru & Eveklada
Garrison 11th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre


A small, relatively cool and arid world originally colonized in 2596 by native Rasalhagians looking to escape the cultural absorption efforts of the Draconis Combine (DC). The initial colony was just a collection of farming and fishing villages scattered along the western shore of Jezerko’s single sea.

In 2889, the DC began development efforts on Jezersko to extract its mineral and agricultural resources. Over the next century, the cities of Port Nomoru and Eveklada rapidly expanded and a freight rail network was constructed to connect these two cities and farming developments on the Reykirfell Peninsula.

Port Nomoru – Population: 11,768,000
Founded early in the DC development efforts, Port Nomoru is home to nearly twenty percent of Jezersko’s population and nearly all of the culturally Japanese immigrants. The city is built up around a spaceport of the same name and is mostly supported by the planet’s mineral, timber, and foodstuff exports. A number of small factory complexes produce locally used goods and heavy mining equipment. The planetary garrison barracks sit on the city’s western edge. The standard of living here is much higher than the rest of the planet.

Eveklada – Population: 4,413,000
Eveklada began as little more than a rail hub for the multitude of mining projects the Combine started in the Burrafjall Mountains. It has since greatly expanded in size and population and includes foundries to process ore extracted from the mines before it is sent to Port Nomoru for use or export.

Reykirfell Peninsula
This region is dotted with fairly low tech agriplexes. Each one a small, feudal community of mostly Rasalhague laborers and DC administrators.


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